Advanced Driving Course is a half day (3.5 hour) or full day (7 hour) programme that can be completed within your home area (subject to confirmation, please email to check availability and cost) and takes place on the public highway with you driving your own car. It is a totally one-to-one session where your personal skills will be assessed and developed to get you started on the road to an advanced driving test. Delivered by one of our highly trained advanced driving specialists you will have an introduction to all areas of the advanced test.

You will experience the advanced system of car control that will possibly be different to your current driving style, all features of which centre around control and vehicle stability factors. This new way of driving is as set out in the book “Roadcraft” and is the style on which Advanced Driving tests are based. Whether you want to make your first step into the realms of developing your skills to an advanced level, or wish to top up your existing skills by using this programme as a refresher session this option will provide excellent value both in terms of cost and benefit.

What do we cover?

Some drivers think that advanced driving is all about driving everywhere at high speed, that is a totally incorrect view, it is more about producing a smooth and flowing drive where you may cover the distance efficiently by using accuracy and the intelligent interpretation of your road environment to make unobtrusive progress. Whilst remaining safe and in control at all times, this is about you gaining a better understanding of your car and how to use it effectively on the road and to enhance your skills to improve your overall personal performance as an advanced driver.  

  1. Document check, MOT (if applicable) Licence, Insurance
  2. Vehicle checks, what and why 
  3. Development of advanced observation 
  4. Car stability management
  5. Power management and control
  6. Steering methods
  7. Effective choice of gear ratios
  8. Braking techniques
  9. Defensive vehicle positioning
  10. Hazard identification and management
  11. Bend assessment
  12. Acceleration sense
  13. Fast road driving (motorways and dual carriageways)
  14. Third party perception awareness
  15. Conflict prevention and resolution

A great deal of focus is placed on forward planning, anticipation and observation which you will learn to apply on all sorts of roads and situations. You will also learn how best to handle your car, taking into consideration road surface and type, weather conditions, and a range of constantly changing variables. During the course there will be plenty of time to take brakes and reflect on how your training is going. At the end of the course, your tutor will reflect on how your driving was when you started out that day, and how it has developed since. They will highlight areas where you excelled and also areas which you will need to continue to work on - now that you have learnt the necessary techniques. After the course you will receive a report on your driving sent via email, your trainer will give you an indication of what additional (if any) training you would need to take should you wish to attempt one of the advanced driving tests that are available.

What are the benefits of the course?

  1. Highlight and remove any bad habits:
  2. Increase your levels of awareness and anticipation:
  3. Lower your fuel bills:
  4. Create less wear and tear on your car:
  5. Enjoy a smoother less stressful ride for both you and your passengers:
  6. Greatly increase your levels of confide
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