Driving Phobias

On this page we will look at the area of Driving Phobia, this is a new way of thinking concerning the fear of driving or of the roads that you are driving on. We have been approached on a number of occasions by clients who have passed a driving test and either dont drive at all or will only drive on specific roads with which they are famillier. A good examle and very common example of this is drivers who cannot drive on Motorways.

Driving phobia is not an official medical term, it is a name that we use to identify people who have an abnormally high level of anxiety and phobic response to road driving. It can become a severe psychological condition that is probably better described as a Driving Anxiety Disorder, with symptoms showing as frequent panic attacks triggered as a response to driving on a particular type of road or within certain traffic environments.

Typical symptoms related anxiety disorder, or road phobia, are many. The driver might feel as though they are not in control of their arms and legs, visual distortion, hyperventilating, nausea, dizzy spells, feeling hot and sweaty, are just a few. These can all be attributed to being brought on through a fear of driving on a certain type of road of which a motorway is the most common. Anyone who is affected by high levels of anxiety, or a phobic reaction to driving, will find that dealing with the normal routines of everyday life are extremely difficult. They will feel embarrassed, foolish and will almost certainly try to keep their concerns to themselves. They are likely to not even admit the phobia to family or close friends through the worry of being ridiculed. Anyone who develops a driving related phobia will mostly look for a cause that is connected to driving or roads and vehicles, often this is far from the cause of the problem. There will be some driving related incident involved at the time when the condition first comes to light, but that incident will be a trigger point rather than a cause.

"Phobias and other irrational fears can have many root causes - childhood trauma, mis-perception and even through inheriting the problem from a parent, for example. Hypnotherapy can identify the root cause of the fear or phobia, reduce or irradicate its effect and boost confidence levels". (Rob Lancey, Rhiwbina Hypnotherapy) 

If you feel that you might be suffering from Driving Phobia or if you are just simply nervous of a certain road or situation then we would be pleased to hear from you. All our trainers that work on this area are very skilled in driving coaching and will work at your pace to help you overcome the anxiety and feel comfortable driving on all roads and in all situations. All the sessions will be controlled by you with regard to frequency and duration, you will never be asked to do soemthing that will cause you to feel in way threatned and you are at no obligation to continue for any specified period of time. If you feel that Hypnotherapy might be of help to you Rob Lanceys contact details can be found on our links page. 

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