Below you will find some links to web sites that you might find intresting and usefull:

DSA site for booking a driving or theory test:

DIA (Driving Instructors Associaton) usufull information concerning driving related matters:

Busk UK (Belt up school kids) organisation dedicated to road safety for the carrying of children:

link to follow soon

On line Highway Code:

Govermant Pass Plus site - more info on the Pass Plus course:

RoSPA Advanced Drivers, information on the advanced driving test

Driver CPC, Information on the driver cpc for proffessional PCV and LGV drivers

Driving School data base for finding information on lerning to drive.

Hypnotherapy Direct, web site designed to assist you in finding help with the worrying things in life.

Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme DIA Driving Standards Agency, Apporoved Driving Instructor (Car) AiRSO, Working for Safety on the Road RoSPA Advanced Drivers AND RIDERS Think Road Saftey