The Government has passed legislation that affects the approach you as a company have towards the Health and Safety of your passengers. The “Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act 2007”, now mean’s that companies whose staff are involved in serious accidents could be liable for gross negligence. For any employee who drives a motor vehicle as part of their job description, that vehicle can be defined as their place of work and therefore subject to Health and Safety legislation. As an employer of people who drive a motor vehicle on a road as part of their job function, and in connection with your company business, you are duty-bound to provide professional driver training.

The law states that anyone driving or operating a minibus has a duty to take all reasonable precautions to ensure that it is operated safely. It is an offence under the law to cause or permit a minibus to be driven on the road when its condition, or the way it is used could cause danger to passengers or other road users. As operators you must ensure that drivers comply with all relevant legal requirements, the highway code and you must take all reasonable measures to protect the driver, passengers and other road users from injury.

As the operator you should ensure that every driver of your vehicle:

  1. Has the appropriate licence entitlement to drive.
  2. Undergoes an initial assessment of their ability to drive a minibus and periodic re-assessment of their skills.
  3. Is given practical driver training as necessary under the conditions in which they are likely to drive and understands fully the responsibilities placed upon them.
  4. Is medically fit to drive and is aware of the need for breaks to avoid fatigue. 

Do your minibus drivers need to add to their safety, awareness and risk management skills, or would you just like to know they are safe?

Drivers who passed their car test before 1997 are entitled to drive a minibus providing this is not for hire or reward. But having this entitlement does not automatically mean they have been specifically trained to understand and cope with the different skills and techniques required for the safe carriage of passengers. If you are looking to assess the skills of your drivers or offer them additional training our experienced instructors can offer independent advice and expert tuition to give you that assurance that your passengers are as safe as can be. Our minibus training packages can provide:-

  1. Benefits to your organisation:
  2. Improve driver awareness, confidence and skills:
  3. Promote a more considered approach to passenger safety:
  4. Help protect your company’s reputation:
  5. A demonstration of your commitment to road safety:

We do this by preparing drivers for the responsibility of carrying passengers; train them to drive a minibus that is perhaps significantly larger than their normal vehicle. This training focuses on building confidence and competence – and developing awareness of the relevant safety issues and the road around them.

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