Trailer Towing

Why do you need to take B+E test?

If you passed your test after the 1st January 1997 and the maximum authorised mass (MAM) - maximum potential weight of the trailer and its contents as shown in the manufacturers book or plate of the trailer is under 750kg then the answer is no.

However if the MAM of the trailer is over 750kg you could still need to take the test if any of the following combinations apply: Either the combined MAM of the towing vehicle and trailer exceeds 3500kg (3.5 tonnes) or the MAM of the trailer is greater than the unladen weight of the towing vehicle.

If you are unsure then contact us for advice/help as if you do not have the entitlement then your insurance will be invalid and you risk prosecution by the police. The penalty for not holding the correct entitlement on your licence whilst towing large trailers is 9 points on your licence and up to a £1000 fine. If you have been banned from driving for any reason and had B+E prior to this without taking a test you will have lost your entitlement.

Our courses are:-

  1. 2 days course, for those with previous experience consisting of day 1 7hours training with meal break and day 2 3 ½ hours training with the test PM. You will need to have some experience of towing and reversing trailers for this course, 1-1 tuition only for this course.
  2. 3- 4 day course is advisable for drivers who have little or no experience of towing or trailer reversing; again the test will be conducted in the afternoon of the last day. 1-1 or 2-1 can be arranged on this course

An assessment drive with off road manoeuvres and on road driving is advised to give you an assessment of how much training you will need. You will then have a choice to practice with your own vehicle and trailer and return later to finish your training with us or carry out the full training with us by the hour to suit your budget and timescale. Pease note that provisional entitlement will be needed before an assessment can take place.If you passed your car driving test prior to 1997 and have the category  B+E on your license  but would like to gain the necessary towing skills and confidence to feel comfortable on the roads. W can offer half or full days training to help you as you feel you needs dictate.Lease contact us for our rates and further information about any of the above courses. 

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